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Fine Art Photography

As a photographer I have spent many years shooting what I love, but not always in the way I would have liked to. I have a vision and it's something that has been an aspiration for as long as I can remember. I have so many memories from my childhood of mystical imaginings that I would concoct during my play. I loved my dolls house and creating little scenes for each room.

There is a memory of an old white wrought iron shed with a green roof, at the bottom of the garden, surrounded by hedges and trees, it was almost lost. I to this day, am not sure if this place is real or something I invented. Here I could play make-believe for hours upon end.

I found, and still find, myself drawn to films that are a little out of the ordinary. Bright and colourful films. Dark and mysterious films. Thought provoking films. Films with so much beauty in the surroundings and characters that you just can't look away. I always wanted to be a director of photography for movies. I didn't really know what the job would entail, but I knew that I could see the vision behind each breathtaking cinematic scene, and I yearned to be able to create something so moving myself.

My choice to work with children was also one that, from a young age I knew I would be good at. Having much younger brothers and sisters helped me learn how to interact with small children very early on.

As I grew and worked my way through school, I thought perhaps a nursery teacher role would have sufficed, but of course this call to create beauty took over and I realised that I could do both. Capturing the natural innocence of children is my passion.

Every now and again in my studio work I snap a completely natural moment. Don't get me wrong I capture many natural moments, but I am drawn to the moments that many may take for granted.

I want to present those images that really make you remember every last little thing that you love about your child. It happens in a flash but if it's caught, it opens the floodgates to all of those memories.

My fine art range has been created from within. It has been there, hidden, only occasionally glimpsing at me through my third eye, my camera.

I recently went on a course, and this two day event was one of the best experiences of my life. It taught me to harness my skills and use them to finally get my visions through to my camera. My Fine Art Experience Sessions are like nothing I have offered before.

They are stylised, mysterious, spontaneous, as well as completely free from the word “Cheese”.

The intention is to find new and interesting places to shoot, that are away from busy parks and playgrounds. I am going to use the natural surrounding of our beautiful countryside and find the light to capture images in a magical way or hire out magnificent halls and other interesting buildings and rooms.

I will work closely with my clients providing ideas for suggested outfits, and colour themes to match my vision for the shoot. Clothing will be natural and organic in appearance.

By layering clothing such as socks over tights, and cardigans over dresses, it enables me to capture an image with a great sense of texture. We will provide extra items such as blankets and specially selected props that will go alongside the theme of the shoot.

No two sessions will be identical as no location is the same on any given day. They even change throughout the course of a day as the sun moves over us, creating new and exciting opportunities what ever time we venture out.

These sessions are booked for two/three hours and in this time we will explore our little piece of the world together.

For more information on our Fine Art Experience Sessions, please get in touch via email, phone or direct message and we can discuss some ideas and options.

Much love Jen x

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