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Policies, Procedures, Terms & Conditions 2017


Pricing for prints/products/session charges at Jenny Giles Photography, formerly Jenny Healey Photography, are subject to change at any given time without prior notice to be given. When booking a session and paying a booking fee, we will not ask for any additional session fee if the price is to rise. However previous print and product pricing may not be honoured and the current prices at the time may be charged.


We require 48 hours notice if your session is to be rearranged, and your booking fee will move with your session. However, session amendments are reviewed at Jenny’s discretion. In the nature of our business, we understand that children get poorly and newborns don't necessarily arrive on time. Sessions that don't meet our discretionary guidelines will incur a £25 charge or may lose their £30 booking fee. If you choose to/ have to cancel your session, the £30 booking fee and any other money paid will be lost, as it is non-refundable. If you are going to be late to your session or viewing appointment, please contact the studio either via phone on 01495 616127, email at, or send a direct message to Jenny Giles Photography Facebook page. We have appointments scheduled so that everyone is allocated the time they are entitled too. If you are over 15 minutes late with no prior warning, the studio has the right to refuse service until a later date.

Studio Opening Hours/Staff Sickness/Staff Holidays

Due to the nature of our business, the studio will not always be open during specified opening hours. Jenny Giles Photography offers a range of sessions including home and location shoots. These require being out of the studio for up to two or more hours at a time on a working day. We do our best to keep the studio open between the set opening hours, but it is not always possible. We are mothers, so occasionally we do have to close the studio to attend to our children and their needs. The same stands for staff illness and holidays. We will do our best to notify customers who have appointments, and post an update on social media if the studio is to close. If the studio is closed due to staff holidays we will try to provide at least 1weeks notice, and we won't take bookings for the corresponding week.

Payments & Ordering

All payments such as booking fees, orders and session costs are Non-refundable. Please note that Prints/Products will not be edited nor ordered until the full balance is received and the payment has cleared in our account. If an electronic payment is made via debit card/credit card/bank transfer or by Cheque. This can take anything up to 3-5 full working days. Each session entitles you to one private viewing appointment, to be booked after your shoot, at a time agreed upon by both parties. Failure to make this appointment without giving at least 48 hours notice will incur a £25 amendment fee. We understand that additional family members may wish to place an order, either in combination with your order or separately. Combination orders are to be placed together but can be paid separately at the same viewing appointment time. Additional orders by yourselves or family members at an alternative viewing appointment will incur a £25 reorder charge. This also applies to clients that can't decide on their order at their appointment, and request a second viewing. As this requires additional staff hours and loss in availability for new clients. Once an order has been placed it can't be amended, only added to. Placing an order - full payment to be made upfront. Alternatively, part payments are available - see Payment Plans.

Payment Plans

We do offer an instalment plan whereby a maximum of 4 instalments are to be received, each being a minimum of 25% of the full balance per payment (inclusive of deposit) with orders placed over £600, however if you wish to increase your monthly payment at any given time then the outstanding balance will be divided amongst the remaining months. An initial deposit of 25% of the full balance is due on the same day the order is placed. The payment amount(s), chosen and agreed to between both parties is due on the specified due date every month until the full balance has been cleared. Failure to adhere to this will result in additional charges being incurred as detailed below. If the payment amount is not received at our studio location by the due date agreed, then this will be subject to a £25 per week late fee being charged onto the remaining balance. If payment is late consecutively for 2 months, the full amount agreed upon in this arrangement will be owed on the due date of the next payment. Failure to make these payments, or the full payment, will result in the cancellation of sessions and/or print/product orders. All monies paid by client(s) to Jenny Giles Photography, formerly Jenny Healey photography are non-refundable unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by both parties. Further to this please allow 3-4 weeks for all orders to be completed for collection after the final payment has been paid and payments cleared (additional 3-5 working days for electronic/cheque payments) therefore allowing up to 4-5 weeks for full completion.


Please note that all images taken during your session are the copyright of Jenny Giles Photography, formerly Jenny Healey Photography. It is forbidden to reprint/copy/scan any images/products that are branded with the Jenny Healey Photography or Jenny Giles Photography logo. If you purchase a disc or USB containing your images from your session then and only then is permission granted for personal reproduction for personal use only. Under no circumstances are any images produced by Jenny Giles Photography, formerly Jenny Healey Photography to be edited or manipulated by any means, only cropped to print at your desired size.

Storing Images

All images from your session are kept on our system for two months after the first viewing date. Unfortunately, orders will not be possible after this date as the images will have been erased from the database to allow room for current sessions and orders. All reorders made within the 2-month period are subject to a £25 surcharge after the initial point of sale, as explained in Payments and Ordering.

Portrait Release

Portrait release is optional, if you choose to accept please be aware that by signing the portrait release form you give consent to Jenny Giles Photography to use your images from your session for advertising and marketing. This includes, but is not limited to, Jenny Giles Photography Facebook page and group, Pinterest page, business Twitter, Instagram accounts, website, portfolio, and use in leaflets, brochures and business cards. You also permit these images to be displayed to the public in any premises Jenny Giles Photography should wish to promote itself. This may also include any photographic competitions Jenny Giles Photography wishes to enter. Notice will not be given if Jenny decides to use an image/images from your session.

Children Must Be Supervised At All Times

We take safety very seriously and have done our best to safeguard the studio for our small clients and their families. When in the studio, or having a session with us on location or in your home, it is your responsibility to supervise your child/children at all times. We are unable to take any responsibility. The studio is home to various large props and heavy objects so we ask that children of all ages are kept away from any areas that may contain dangers like these.

Processing Time

Prints and products will be processed - edited and ordered - once full payment has been made, and it has cleared in our account, which usually takes 3/5 working days. A basic edit, with the possibility of a complete edit on one or two images, will have been provided for the viewing appointment. All orders once payment has cleared will be worked on as soon as possible and sent to the relevant lab/lab’s. Jenny Giles Photography outsource all of their printing and products so allow 4/5 weeks after your order is placed, for your order to be back and completed, ready for collection.

Print And Product Collection And Check

Once your order is ready for collection you will be contacted directly by a member of staff where we will advise you of our current opening hours or arrange a time and date for collection. We will have checked all the prints and products for any unexplained defects or issues upon arrival to us and will reorder anything necessary. Once your order is collected from the studio you will be given the opportunity to view and check your order. Please make sure you are happy with your order, as once you leave the premises with your prints and products, any issues will not be able to be rectified.

Complaints Procedure

Of course, we would like to think our clients wouldn't have any reason to complain. But if there was something you wished to query or an issue you had, we would ask that you come to us directly in a timely manner so we can deal with your issue. While we understand that we live in a digital world filled with social media, we wouldn't like to think someone was so unhappy they publicly complained about us but didn't actually give us the opportunity to fix the problem. We put our heart and soul into our work and wouldn't ever want someone to go away from us having had a bad experience. We would be incredibly saddened if we couldn't resolve the complaint.

We Have The Right To Refuse Service

At Jenny Giles Photography we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We will go above and beyond during our sessions as we want our clients to be happy and love the work we are providing them with. We work in this line of work because we love it. A lot of time and effort goes on behind the scenes, and if there was ever to be an issue, we work tirelessly to solve it. That being said. We will not tolerate any kind of verbal (spoken/written) or physical abuse. This is, of course, something we hope will never happen, but if it does, the client in question will be asked to leave, blocked from all social media, and banned from the studio for the future. We stand by the motto, “If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything.”

Mileage Charge

Jenny Giles Photography is available for sessions away from the studio. We offer location and home sessions. There isn't a limit to the distance Jenny will travel, however, a mileage charge of 45p per mile will be charged after the first 25 miles (both ways). If international travel is required, Jenny and her assistant if required, will have all expenses such as flights, train tickets, boat passes, mileage, car hire, insurances, one meal a day and hotel stays for the number of nights required including layovers, billed to you, and full payment will need to be made prior to travelling.

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