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Embracing Creativity

When you’re creative and run your own business its very easy to get stuck in your work.

What I mean by this is there is always so much that comes with running a business that sometimes you forget why you actually started in the first place.

I have been very fortunate to make a living doing what I love. Working with children and taking their photos gives me so much pleasure. They are cute, squishy, funny, energetic and generally the highlight of my work.

I do however have dreams to do more. After 6 years running Jenny Giles Photography I have really felt the pull towards being more creative. My skills have grown beyond anything I thought I would be able to achieve, and the ideas I have just keep coming.

Yesterday in work myself and Jemma were popping to our favourite shop in town, Ragamuffins, to borrow a few amazing antiques for our Christmas shoots, and Allun the owner showed us round his new premises that he’s doing up. It’s AMAZING!!

Honestly it’s going to be such a great emporium full of businesses from far and wide and I can’t wait to see the end result.

As we know Allun, and he has over the years always been on hand with epic props, he took us on a tour of the whole building. The place is huge! It was an old bank and as well as some amazing vaults underground, there is a whole other world behind a locked door on the first floor. He opened this door and straight away my creativity spiked….. Wow!

The photos you could produce in this derelict run down part of the building came flooding into my head and I felt myself alight. I knew I had to shoot in there. There are winding staircases, peeling paint, bare wooden floorboards and the most amazing windows. I was hooked!

I actually found it hard to concentrate on the job in hand for the rest of the day, and couldn’t switch off to the images flooding my mind. Luckily Jemma is just as crazy as me, so she got it straight away and as a result we were off to shoot some spooky halloween photos the next day.

It’s a full moon tonight, and halloween next week so it’s the perfect day to embrace my inner witch and create spooky photos.

I’m sharing this blog as a reminder to anyone running their own business. When you feel that spark, run with it. Don’t worry about ‘work’ for one day and treat yourself to embracing your inner child, get imagining, get making and get creating.

Who knows, your clients may love that side of you, and want you to create something like that for them. It could open up a whole new avenue that you didn't ever think anyone would be interested in. I know it has for me!

Good luck my fellow creative souls!

I can’t wait to see what you do with your new found power.

Jen xx

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