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Family….. We come in all shapes and sizes. We all have our own unique qualities, our quirks, the natural family rhythms that we move in and around each other. A family's connection can not be put into words but it can be seen.

The fun and laughter between playing siblings, the loving look between a husband and wife, the comforting caress of a mother's hand over their babies face while they drift off to sleep. All of these things have a fluid movement from one moment to the next, that can’t always be captured in a single frame.

Videos are like moving memories you get to relive again and a again.

We are constantly snapping and filming our loved ones, but the problem we face is that we aren't actually ‘there’.

Being behind the lens means you aren’t experiencing that moment with your family. You aren’t free to ‘be’ part of it.

I want to change that. I want you to enjoy the simple things in your life. Things that you may well forget in years to come, if you don’t capture them now.

My daughter is nearly 7 years old, she’s no longer a baby, she isn’t a toddler, she doesn’t need me as much as she used to and she is becoming her own person more and more as each day passes.

My daily life is hectic. I run a business. I have a home to keep clean. I do food shopping. I take her to after school clubs. There are days when I feel like I haven’t stopped, let alone had a chance to relax and ‘be’ with her. Then, when we do have those moments together, they are sweet and magical, but they are just that, moments, that are gone in the blink of an eye.

I hope that she does remember the times of togetherness, peace, fun, laughter and most of all love. But as she grows, the years roll on, she becomes a young woman, gets a job, hopefully starts her own family one day, and the memories of those moments of ‘us’ will more than likely fade, and be replaced by her own moments with her own children.

We will never get back what has passed, but I want to help her, and you, remember them forever.

Family Films are a chance to stop and simply enjoy a few hours with your loved ones doing your favourite things.

From a morning out and about at your favourite place, to an afternoon around the house doing the things you love to do. I am there to film you all and capture those small but precious moments.

Each session and film will be unique to your family, from music choice, to where we go and what we do. I will ask you a series of questions so I can get to know you all, and we will come up with a plan for the perfect day.

Included in the session is a 3/4 hour window where I will come and be a fly on the wall for you all.

I will document your day, and at the end you will receive a timeless family film lasting anything from 3 to 7 minutes, dependant on song choice.

No film will be the same as each is personally created with you and your family in mind.

I will also include 10/15 digital images captured from our day together to compliment your film on a USB. These images are full resolution and can be printed and reproduced if you wish.

Finally I am also offering 40% off additional prints, wall art and albums should you wish to purchase any. The perfect combination to cherish those memories in physical form too.

I am only offering one family film session a month currently, so if you have a specific date or time of the year you would like me to visit you, be quick so you don’t miss out.

This experience is priced at £1'499

If you would like to know more or book a session with me, then please get in touch by emailing or giving the studio a call on 01495 616127.

Thank you for reading and I hope I can be part of your family history by providing you all with this treasured keepsake.

All the love.

Jen xx

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