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So a few months ago I was asked to write a piece for a new magazine called 'Purposeful Entrepreneur Magazine'.

It is the first publication from Anita Kemp - Coach by Design‚Äč. A friend tagged me in a post about it and I made the leap and messaged Anita to ask if I could be featured.

To my delight and amazement she said yes.

The theme of the magazine was 'Self Belief'.

If anyone has watched my latest blog video, you can watch it here, you will know that I have been on a massive journey already in 2018, and having 'self belief' and wonderful supportive friends and family has helped me get where I am today.

It's not all been plain sailing and even as little as 6 weeks ago, I was in a very different place. I have explained in detail in the magazine.

It was scary to share, but I know it will help others who may be where I was, as well as anyone that needs a bit of support and inspiration.

Please head over and have a read, you can find the magazine here, you can also catch some other inspiring stories from women all over the world.

Much love and thanks to the Universe and everyone else involved.

I have always dreamt of being published and now I am.


Written - 6th April 2018

The magazine cover, what beautiful art.

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