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Transcript of the Vlog

Hi everyone my name is Jenny, some of you may not know me, I run Jenny Giles photography, along with Jemma who’s a trainee photographer, and assistant, she’s fab!

I just wanted to pop on here and talk about our rebrand mark 2….. it’s not really a rebrand, I did that this time last year.

In 2017 we completely changed everything. We changed the way the studio looked, we changed our photography style, we changed our pricing, we changed everything and it was amazing. I have been so blessed that it worked out. It was a scary leap, a scary step to take, but it really worked out.

So the next logical step was to give it a little spruce up! That's all we have been doing.

I have been working with a wonderful lady called Carolyn. She has helped me with my brand, my colours and things like that, and I just wanted to explain how it all came about.

It’s a little bit ‘Woo-Woo’ and anyone that doesn’t know me, may not know I like things like that, but I like my crystals, my visualisations and vision boards, positive affirmations, manifesting and all that stuff.

In the last year, it’s really come on and I have really gotten in to it. I have been ‘Divinely Guided’ some may say. I am being guided along this path and I am being open to everything that’s coming my way.

So part of this story, you can’t actually see it very well in the video, is the chair. The chair I saw a week ago. We had already spent the day on the Friday, I saw the chair on the Sunday, so on the Friday I had Carolyn in and Jemma and we were talking about what we were going to do, and saying that we needed to pinpoint some colours for the website. It was grey before, which seemed quite smart, but downstairs we always had teal sofas and I loved that colour. I am also a very colourful person, I have multi coloured tattoos, I have a bright yellow chair at home in my lounge, so it was really hard to pin down.

But I was out with Isla, I was spending her birthday money (should have said “she” was spending her birthday money!! Haha) and we popped into TKMaxx and I saw the chair.

As weird as it is, straight away, I thought of a peacock. I thought “wow, it’s Peacock colours, I love it, I need it!” I debated it for a while, maybe I should have bought it? Maybe it was more money that I should have spent on a chair? But you know what…. I trusted my gut and my instincts that it needed to be here, and since then, I have pinned down my colours, we’ve got an amazing logo on the website that I drew of a peacock feather. We have figured out the colours of the brand too.

Some say that a peacock actually symbolises regrowth and rebirth, much like a phoenix. It can be very spiritual too. I’m not going to bore you all with it, but this is the website that I found when I googled ‘Peacock Symbolism’ in the middle of the shop. Haha.

So ultimately, from seeing a chair in the middle of a shop, I just went off on a tangent and listened to my gut and thought, “ooh, that works really well.”

So because of the chair we have thought about the brand colours and themed it around a peacock. We have also had a think about how else it can be incorporated.

Our prices changed last year with the first rebrand, they are currently still the same but we have actually introduced something really exciting, I absolutely love it! We now have three packages or, collections if you will. With these we have actually called them, colours that you find in a peacocks tail feathers. So we have Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond (a bit of a push with this one but nothing else matches so we went with it. Haha)

We have designed these packages with you in mind. We want to save you money, but still give you amazing products.

If you haven’t ever seen anything we have posted before, basically we LOVE wall art. We are all about getting your pictures out of the draw and onto the wall. Take them off your phone and the computer and have them there to treasure for generations. I think its so important. It helps children know they are loved (I read somewhere once. Sounds awful like you don’t love them if you don’t have photos on the wall, but I don’t mean it like that. Haha.) But ultimately it is so powerful for a child to grow up seeing pictures of themselves on display, and it really does give them a wonderful loving foundation to grow upon.

I understand that we do love digital images (I have 17,500 photos on my phone) and we sell a lot of digital collections which are really popular, so we aren’t going to get rid of them, as that would be ridiculous, but we want to put more of an emphasis of the importance of displaying your memories.

We have some amazing products, including some new additions which I cannot wait to share with you all, which will be included in with the packages.

This is all going to be launched and available to view very soon. We think we have created a selection of packages that are reasonably priced. The top package is pretty epic, as in, I think I may have to get it for myself!

Its all very exciting and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Watch this space.

Our top package is saving over £500, which is amazing. We of course can offer payment plans, as we understand that it can be very tricky to pay a large amount in one go. If you can…. of course thats amazing! Haha. But the option is there if it’s needed.

Our ultimate goal is that you believe in us and trust in our vision. Mine and Jemma’s vision, as now she is a trainee photographer (and she has been doing an wonderful job), she has some amazing ideas too.

We have had a little jig about the way we do things now too. So our sessions we offer have had a little shift about and a freshen up.

We have decided to get really niche in our photography approach, and we have thought about what we really want to focus on, and where.

We have always taken bump photos, but it’s never had its own session before. We have decided to change that. We have launched a new session called ‘Bump & Me’ and we are really excited about it. It’s a great way to celebrate you and your pregnancy. You may well be having a horrible time, you might not be enjoying it at all. You may have been trying to get pregnant for years and have just found out you’re pregnant and you want to celebrate it.

Either way, we want to be there with you. We are also offering it so that you can have the added option for hair and make up, so that you can feel fabulous, as you deserve to feel that way.

We still have our Newborn sessions, but we have broken the sessions down, so you can have Newborn, Sitting and First Birthday Celebrations. You can have a cake smash if you like and we will provide the cake now.

So with regards to this, these four sessions - Bump, Newborn, Sitting and Birthday, are going to be the only sessions we do in the studio (mind blown right?! Stick with me…. You’ll see why).

We believe that our responsibility to your memories, is capturing them the best way we can.

So I know that over the 10 plus years of experience in this line of work, that as soon as your little ones get mobile, your toddlers get toddling, thats it. They are into everything.

Don’t get me wrong, you can get some amazing pictures in the studio, but I love location work and I love being in people's homes, being surrounded by your own things and being able to capture your small little person, as they are developing into their own person.

They are turning into this little character and I just think you can capture them so much better out and about.

I think that people don’t know that we do that enough, so from now on if you are wanting photos of your little ones over the age of one, we can do an amazing home to location session for you (we can of course do home and location sessions for babies under one too if you would prefer that to a studio session).

These sessions are fab. You don’t need to deep clean your home, or hire a skip to declutter your space, we can work in the teeniest corner if we have to. Ultimately its all about working in your own environment, with your own things, natural light and capturing those amazing moments such as jumping on the bed, playing in their den, all of the normal every day things that we can take for granted.

It's a great challenge for me, as I have to be creative and work in new surroundings, but I am at my best when I am challenged and this means you will get some amazing photos to show for it.

The same goes for location sessions. It can be raining... Get your wellies on! Get out in it. I don’t mind. It's those childhood memories that are just the best to be a part of, and I think capturing them in a professional way, is more magical than having it in the studio sometimes when they are at that age.

Newborns of course require different settings. We need to control the temperature and lighting. It needs to be calm. We have all of our props and blankets on hand, which is exactly why we have decided to go down this route.

Finally we have one more session type. Fine art. I don’t know if you have seen over on my Facebook page, I have been posting some before and after photos. I think it’s so important to show you all the amount of work that goes into an image and also what my mind can create.

A lot of it is me just going “ooh that would look amazing like this” and I just try and create what I have seen in my head.

So with our fine art shoots, I’m looking forward to launching them fully and getting the word out about them, so they are more widely known. These sessions are really different and unique and no two sessions will be the same.

I have so many ideas, I even have a book that I sketch ideas in. We will still get a nice amount of ‘traditional’ images during these sessions. They will be on location more than likely.

All of the images will have a fine art edit on them but some can be completely transformed and turned into something magical. I love being able to create make believe and I think that's what childhood is all about.

I will talk to the children too. See what they want to do. Maybe they love dragons and I could transform their image to share them balling a dragon. The possibilities are endless and I’m so exciting that we can create anything we want.

So this is why we have ‘relaunched/rebranded’ so to speak, as it's ever evolving.

There is so much I want to give you all. There is so much that I have to give, and that Jemma has to give too, as she has some amazing ideas, and she is going to be doing the majority of the studio work (we ares till training for now, but I am so proud of how far she has come, she will be taking over before we know it).

Having Jemma onboard is really exciting and of course it will free me up too. I can go out and do the creative sessions.

I can do the home, location and fine art, and Jemma can be in the studio shooting at the same time. We will be able to see more people this way, and this is what we want to do as we are fitting in work around our children; sometimes it's hard to make enough hours in a week to fit everyone in.

So basically we are just looking forward to offering everyone even more, and these packages are just amazing. I’m so excited about them It feels so right.

I know we can offer you some amazing products, as well as digital images that you are just going to love. I can’t wait to share them.

I forgot to add, that we did a poll a few weeks ago on Facebook, asking what sort of session people would prefer, and it was way over double the amount of people picked home and location. So we have listened to you, it's whats I want to do to, it's what people say they want, but it obviously hadn’t translated over yet, so that’s now what we are doing. Yay!!

I’m so excited. Spring is here. Summer is coming. I want to be down the beach in the evenings shooting, I want to be in people's beautiful homes, exploring with your children and creating magical things, all while having your bump to one year olds in the studio. In a space that is tailor made for that now.

We have transformed the middle floor for that purpose and I’m really looking forward to it.

I think we are going to be creating some amazing stuff over the next…. Forever!

Thank you very much for watching me waffle on, or indeed reading all of this bumf of my waffling on, I do apologise, but hey…’s me.

Thanks agin and speak soon.


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