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 Say yes to your memories with Bespoke Wall Art

As you know we are big believers in getting those photos out of the digital world, and onto the wall! We offer a huge variety of amazing products such as birch spheres, canvases, acrylics, metal wall art and our mounted signature art pieces.

After your session, we provide you with a print out outlining some ideas and suggestions on where to display your treasured memories.

We know that typically our customers find it hard to choose their images, whether it's for their wall art or a selection of images on a USB, and more often than not they end up choosing a mixture of both!

So, we want you to think about where you would like to display your bespoke products. Above the sofa? In the kitchen/diner? Maybe in a nursery or bedroom?

You are asked to look around your home before your ordering appointment and to have a think where you would like to display your images. We have made some suggestions of popular areas, but be as creative as you like.

We have a section where you can add any measurements you wish to bring along to your appointment, and we can be sure to create something amazing to fill the space.

I am sharing this information here so that it sparks your imagination. Are you thinking of visiting us soon? Are you already booked in for a session over the next few weeks? Have you got hundreds of photos from past sessions stored on a USB or disk and still haven’t printed any? Then I challenge you to get your memories out in the open, for all to admire now, and throughout the generations.

Bedroom - Wall above your bed? Dressing table? Chest of drawers?

Lounge - Mantelpiece Sideboard? A set of your favourite images above the sofa?

Bathroom - Why not have your artwork displayed in every room of the house, even the bathroom!

Kitchen/Diner - Dresser? Wall Space? It doesn't have to be large. Why not add a mixture of small images to create your own storyboard.

Hallway - Whether it's a selection of images running up the stairs, or a collection of prints displayed on the landing, this is somewhere we all walk past many times a day. A great spot to start a family tradition (like my family has)

Nursery/Child's Bedroom - A large family/sibling/baby print above the cot? 

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