What's Holding You Back? - Jenny Giles Photography

What’s holding you back from being present in this moment?

What’s holding you back from being you, just as you are?

What’s holding you back from getting in that photo?

I love this moment with my girly from a few years ago.

I am a photographer. I see the world through a lens and I truly believe everyone should take as many photos as they possibly can of the people and things they love, professionally or simply by themselves.

We should all realise that life is short, but when we start to get too in our own heads, we can forget this vital fact.

Life is too short to worry about how many pounds you want to lose before you take that photo.

Life is too short to use an excuse of needing a haircut or an appointment at the salon first.

Life is too short to risk leaving your children without memories that they can hold on to, if god forbid one day, the unthinkable happened…. or vise versa.

Photographs are a gateway to a time otherwise lost. They are a snapshot of a moment that you will never get back.

Looking at a photo of a loved one can be a perfect aid to remembering them more clearly and to passing on their memory to the next generation, and the one after that.

We are history. Every image, digital or print, has a story and a feeling it can convey.

Don’t wait to tell your story. You never know who will cherish it in the future.

My mum and sister.... They may not like this natural moment... but I LOVE it and cherish it.

Like mother, like daughter.

A time before Libby came along.

Yes I'm picking my nose!

Sorry The Ball's, but I love this photo.

I still remember them this small

Even selfies count!!

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