Fantasy Experience Sessions - Jenny Giles Photography

Children have the most amazing imaginations. They live in a world where anything is possible and see magic wherever they turn. When they play with their friends, they are playing in worlds that only they can see.

Let me help your little adventurer live their dream of battling dragons, roaming with wolves and bears. Exploring the magical woods like in the story books they read each night before bed. Go on the hunt for fairies or be surrounded by Unicorns and other mythical creatures.

They are the storyteller of their own imagination, I am just the artist that brings it to life.

If you're anything like me, you read that and thought….. “But I want to play with pixies and travel through magical wardrobes to new and exciting lands”.

Well you will be delighted to know our Fantasy Experience Sessions are for all ages.

You are never too old to stop believing in magic after all!

During this dreamy experience you will have up to two hours out and about. We could visit a more natural location such as the forest or seaside or maybe we could visit a stately home or abandoned building  (dependant on your vision), where we will create a bewitching collection of images for you.

The session investment is just £495 and includes this unique photo shoot, creative scene staging, a consultation prior to the shoot to discuss your vision and get ideas together. We will also be able to discuss outfit suggestions and any props that we may need.

There may be additional costs for outfit and location hire if these are needed, but of course this all depends of how big the vision is and these can be discussed as we go along. All additional fees need to be paid upfront when booking so we can secure the items and locations for your session.

Within the £495 session pricing we include a gorgeous photobox with 10 enchanting 8x6 mounted prints enclosed as standard. Upgrade options available should you wish to add wall art or digital collections.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about these marvellous photo shoots. Be warned, these are my favourite sessions to do as I get to let my creativity lose, so if I get all squeaky and excited on the phone I’m very sorry!

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