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We offer three fantastic packages as well as the option to purchase individual prints, products, wall art, albums and USB's separately.

Our exclusive collections have been created to offer you the best possible price on some of our most popular products.

We have a Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald collection each offering up a variety of prints, wall art and digital images.

There are many ways you can pay for your order including cash, bank transfer, PayPal and you can even spread the cost with one of our payment plans should you wish. Full details of these are at the bottom of the page.

You can find our full brochure complete with what people say about us, the sessions we offer and our three exclusive packages here.

All of our products are made to order through an established lab. Turn around time for orders to be complete and ready for collection is 6/8 weeks so please consider this when looking to book a session with a need for images back by a certain deadline. We always do our best to meet any time restrictions you may have but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Below you can find a copy of the packages and some examples of our best selling products along with the individual prices should you wish to order items separately. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

A few of our most popular products and their investment options

Multi Aperture Frames

Multi Aperture Prints Framed with a single or double cut mount

30x30 - £849 Framed (Available in 6 apps) 

24x30 - £777 Framed (Available in 6 apps or 5 apps)

24x24 - £723 Framed (Available in 9 apps)

24x24 - £693 Framed (Available in 4 app - three variations)

36x14 - £673 Framed (Available in 3 apps) - Panoramic

32x14 - £659 Framed (Available in 5 apps) - Panoramic

Ethically Sourced Birch Spheres and Blocks

Ethically Sourced Birch Products

All sizes in inches

30x30 Sphere - £775

20x20 Sphere - £599

16x16 Sphere - £475

12x12 Sphere - £399

10x8 Block - £132

Keepsake Book and More

Keepsake Book and More

30x20cm album - £650

25x25cm album - £540

20x20cm album - £450

30x20cm album and keepsake box - £750

25x25cm album and keepsake box - £660

20x20cm album and keepsake box - £570

Remaining prints and products

Large Traditional Prints Framed with a Single or Double Cut Mount

All sizes in inches

30x40 - £984 Framed 

30x30 - £772 Framed 

30x20 - £652 Framed 

24x24 - £600 Framed

24x20 - £564 Framed

24x16 - £484 Framed

20x20 - £484 Framed

20x16 - £396 Framed

16x16 - £376 Framed

16x12 - £316 Framed

USB With Full Print Release

All images digitally - £1240

40 images digitally - £940

30 images digitally - £815

20 images digitally - £690

10 images digitally - £565

50% off when purchasing selected wall art products or one of our album and keepsake boxes. Ask staff for more details

Standard Print Box Collection

All sizes in inches

Ten 8x6 mounted prints in a box - £275

(rrp £340 based on ten 8x6 mounted prints purchased individually.)

Small Standard Prints Mounted

All sizes in inches

10x8 mounted print - £39 each

8x6 mounted print - £34 each

We understand that life comes with a lot of responsibilities and paying bills is one of them (unfortunately) so we are delighted to offer you the ability to spread the cost of your order into four equal payments which will be taken via direct debit each month.

These payment plans are available on all orders over £600.

They are interest free and all you have to do is make your first payment on the day of your ordering appointment with us in studio, then we send you an email with the registration information for you to add your bank details so that  Go Cardless can collect the three remaining payments on our behalf.

No fussing, no worrying, it can be treated as one of your regular outgoings for a few months.

As soon as the three payments have been collected and cleared in to our account we will place your order. As stated above please allow 6/8 weeks for it to be completed and ready for collection.

We will not place an order or do any work on your images during your payment plan but we will keep them safe for you.

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